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Small Recurring coal-feeder machine made by Shandong Kungan was sent to Dezhao city,Shandong Province

On November 22, 2021, the small reciprocating machine produced by the company was shipped from the Shandong mining production workshop, ready to send to Texas, Shandong.

The reciprocating coal is suitable for use in mines, mines, coal mining plants, medium stations, coal spaces, port bulk piers, etc., which can be distributed evenly to tapers or other screening equipment, store Device. Implement uniform feedstock to ore, sand coal, food and other bulk materials. The feed slot of this series of feeders is a straight-line reciprocating motion by a crank link device. When the feed tank is moved forward, the material is moved away by the function and the friction. At this time, the material in the hopper falls, so that it cannot be retained and removed at the front end. This series of feeder transmission is a hanging type, which can be arranged directly under the hopper and is convenient to install.

The reciprocating machine model produced by our company can also be customized according to customer requirements. The reciprocating machine as a main hot sale product of Shandong Mine, has been favored by customers at home and abroad. The reciprocating machine produced by our company has average, stable, stable, feeding amount, shape height Small, simple structure, convenient installation, reliable installation, long service life, market sales have been high, and customers all over the country have added order, and highly evaluate product quality and services.
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