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Anti-Pneumatic Body Gate sent to Inner Mongolia Wuhai

On November 6, 2021, a group of pneumatic bedtime Shandong mining and electromechanical machinery equipment production workshops completed production, and the car was sent to Inner Mongolia Wuhai.

Pneumatic bedding is a patented product of our company, an essential safety protection device in coal mine orbit transportation. QwZC series pneumatic bedding uses gas dynamic to achieve the shutoff, relying on the spring force to open. The QWZC series pneumatic bedding is always in the state of opening the boiler in one direction, blocking the direction of the mine car, preventing the mine car from slipping, when the mine car needs to pass the bed, use pneumatic operation to close the bedding mine car, When the mine car passes, the QWZC series is automatically opened. Running the mine in the opposite direction without operation, you can pass the QWZC series pneumatic bed, and then automatically open. QWZC series pneumatic bedding has a simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, labor-saving, safe and reliable, QWZC series pneumatic bedocks have been widely used in coal mine enterprises across the country.

Since its inception, Shandong Military Mechanical and Electrical Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the first-class enterprises in China, and become the leaders of the equipment enterprises on China, and the development and improvement of the mine equipment. Make a huge contribution, Shandong Military Electromechanical will not forget the original intention, continue to provide customers with safe, energy-saving, efficient and environmentally friendly electromechanical products, and continue to create maximum value for customers.