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LD type remote control intelligent loading robot
LD type remote control intelligent loading robotProduct Introduction

ZWY series crawler conveyor  Crawler Loader is a continuous working high-efficiency mining equipment, mainly used for mining operations in narrow spaces, such as metal mines, non-metal mines, drinking water ports, etc., which main role is to collect various project gravel and soil materials and  transported and loaded into trucks.

Composition and working principle

The excavating loader for coal mines is composed of seven parts: arm mechanism, scraper conveyor mechanism, crawler walking assembly, frame assembly, hydraulic operating system, driving shed, and electrical system.

Propelled by the crawler first, letting the front part of the scraper filled with stones, and then using a bucket to scrabble the stones  into the scraper conveyor,  which transports the stone to the back, unloads them into a dump truck, shuttle car or other transfer device. You can also use a bucket to clean the working surface or pick up the distant stone material into the inlet.


a. The sturdy structure (scraper mechanism, frame, bucket, boom) is specially designed and manufactured to cope with the most demanding excavation conditions

In order to extend the service life and ensure continuous production, buckets, booms, and arms  are made of high-strength steel and solid castings that eliminate thermal stress.

To create reliable abrasion resistance, stable and durable.  The key joints adopt full penetration, special-shape,  grounded welds.  Perform UT inspection on important welds to ensure first-class welding  quality.

The booms and arms are made of high-strength steel and solid castings, which are firmly connected together and eliminate thermal stress.

With the strongest protection capability, extremely heavy-duty bucket     can be used in high-density stone and strong excavation applications. The bucket surface is made of hardened and wear-resistant Material.

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