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MWD2.0/0.12L hydraulic excavators for coal minesProduct Introduction

MWD hydraulic excavators for coal mines (hereinafter referred to as excavators) absorb the advantages of the frame structure and hydraulic system of excavators at home and abroad. With independent research, development, and manufacturing, the machine is compact in design and reasonable in dimensions. At the same time, the electric hydraulic system is adopted, which has the characteristics of energy saving, low noise, no pollution, and high efficiency. It can be used with vertical shaft drilling rigs to realize the mechanized operation of vertical shaft tunneling in coal mines and other mines, greatly improving the speed of tunneling. At the same time, the machine can be used in roadways and auxiliary rock loading and excavation operations in inclined lanes.

Features of the excavator

1 Compared with the traditional manual bottom clearing, the use of this machine greatly saves labor costs, improves work efficiency and the working environment.

2 The operator works under the protection of the roof which is conducive to safe production.

3 Compared with the traditional diesel-powered small excavator, due to the electric hydraulic system, it has the characteristics of low noise and no tail gas emission, which is more suitable for underground use.

4 The machine is compact in design and reasonable in external dimensions. The working device can be recycled into the outline of the chassis when going down the well, which is convenient for going up and down the well vertically.

5 The upper frame mechanism is compact; The size is small, It will not collide with the shaft wall when it rotates, so it is more suitable for underground narrow space operations.

6 The main action is controlled by pilot valve; Operation is easy and simple; Work is stable and without impact.

Excavator use environmental conditions 
1 The slope of the roadway should not exceed the degree specified in the standard;

2 The ambient temperature of the roadway is -5℃~+40℃, and the maximum relative humidity is not more than 90% (when the temperature is 25℃);

3 The altitude of the place of use does not exceed 1000m. When used in a plateau environment with an altitude of more than 1000m,  necessary measures shall be taken for special design according to the situation.

4 The Proctor hardness f of the rock is less than or equal to 10, and the loose density is not more than 1.8t/m³.

5 The voltage limit deviation is ±5%, and the AC frequency limit deviation is ±1%.

6 The water height of the working area is lower than the rail surface.

7 The coal dust and methane explosive gas around the excavator shall not exceed the safety content specified in the "Coal Mine Safety Regulations".

Scope of work

project unit model
Product number / MWD6.4/0.28L MWD2.0/0.12L
A: Maximum digging radius mm 5130 3900
B: Maximum digging depth mm 2100 2100
C: Maximum boom height mm 5400 3500
D: Maximum unloading height mm 2650 2650
E: The minimum turning radius of the back arm mm 2200 1630

Performance parameters of the whole machine

Serial number Specification unit model
MWD6.4/0.28L MWD2.0/0.12L
1 Total Weight t 6460 ±0.2 2.2±0.2
2 (Length×Width×Height) mm 3350×1550×2630 2780×1200×2620
Pump motor rated power kw 37 18.5
3 Rated speed r/min 1480 1480
Hydraulic system parameters preset pressure MPa 27.5±0.2 24±0.2
4 Maximum flow of hydraulic main pump L/min 110±2 46±2
Machine performance parameters Gradeability (±º) ±20 ±20
Ground pressure MPa ≤0.05 ≤0.05
5 Walking speed Km/h (0-2.7) ±0.2 (0-2.7) ±0.2
Digging power KN ≥40 ≥20

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